Shift Right!

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I got over 3500 miles on the engine now, and I think I figured out of couple issues and I got a solid plan of action.  It’s time to shift my focus to the wheels, brakes, and suspension.  I am about half way through the acquisition stage and I have a good idea how I plan to do this.  I’m also at the point of no return with the direction that I am taking this car.  The direction is a no brainer since I have huge hard-on for German Look Volkswagens.   Since I’m on a bit of a budget I get to be very “creative”, I heart a good challenge.  The timing is right as well.  In a couple of weeks I plan on parking the car for winter and pulling the body off to address the 2 cancer spots, sunroof clip install, and replace the front and rear clips.  I’m going to make some room for a AC compressor too.

Here’s the plan:

7×17 twists all around 205/45 front and 215/45 rear

Mercedes ML430 front calipers on 928 s4 rotors

944 aluminum control arms

944T calipers and rotors on the rear

944 s2 24.5mm torsion bars

IRS subframe

091 gear box


I’ve done a mock up of with the wheels on it, I got plenty of room…maybe a cunt hair of room, lol.  I also measured out the front.  It looks like my fronts are only going to be pushed out a couple of mm’s, the back is getting pushed out 3/4″ per side, that’s from the control arms.  Unless my math is wrong that should work.























To make the front rotors and calipers mate to the spindles I’m thinking the easiest way will be to machine t3 disc’s into hubs, drill and press in some studs and call it a day.  Then make a bracket for the monstrous calipers.  I’ll have to mock up everything first to be able to get a accurate measurement for the brackets, should be very simple.  Also those calipers will sit about 3-4mm from the tie rods, it’s close but it should work.



Ya I know it’s overkill but I already have the ml430 calipers so I gotta work with what I got.  BTW I have never seen Porsche parts so friggin cheap on garbay, yay me.  I need the car back together and sorted out before the Type 3 Invasion, which is June 21-24.  That’s just shy of 9 months, I think that will be doable.  Maybe I’ll squirt some paint on the notch too 😉  Stay tuned a lot of awesomeness is about to happen.


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